A lot of time and money is spent on driving lessons, and in the end it all comes down to one short 40 minute practical exam. Therefore it is important that you prepare yourself properly, and this means getting to know some of the most common mistakes people make during their driving test exam. Some mistakes are allowed during your driving test, you will have points deducted from your score but as long as you don’t commit too many minor errors you will pass. But some mistakes lead to an automatic fail, too many people go into their driving test exam unaware of the mistakes that can cause them to fail. Here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes you should avoid making during your driving test exam.

Improper changing lane

mirrors, signal, manoeuvre is the routine you should use. You can include a short side glance just to be 100 percent sure no ones in blind spots. Remember to see the car you wish to move in front of in the centre mirror, this will confirm they are behind you and not beside you. It really is that simple! However, way too many people fail to perform this simple manoeuvre correctly far too often. Do not be one of those that make this mistake, you will fail your exam. Just remember to keep an eye on the traffic in front of you as well as behind you and only change lane when you are fully sure that you will not affect anyone’s speed and direction.

Rolling stops

Many drivers fail to bring the car to a complete stop when stopping at lights or junctions. Do not take your foot off of the brake until the car has come to full, complete stop and always, always, BEHIND THE LINE!!

Driving too fast or driving too slowly

Braking the speed limit is obviously an automatic fail, but also, driving to aggressively, such as accelerating too rapidly can also cause you too fail your test. As well as driving too fast driving too slowly can lead to a fail, by driving too far below the speed limit you become a hazard to other road users. Just try to maintain the same speed as the other drivers without going over the speed limit, if you have a queue of angry drivers behind you tooting their horns then you might be going too slow.

Keep a safe distance from the car in front

Don’t get too close to the vehicle in front, remember what your driving instructor taught you was a safe distance. Always try to remember the two second gap. The best way to judge this two second gap is to pick up an object such as a lamp post or sign post, something which is not moving and when the vehicle in front of you is about to pass that object you start saying “Only a fool breaks the two second rule.” This normally takes two seconds to complete. If your vehicle pass the object before you finish the sentence then you are too close. You need to drop back and try the method again. Remember the distance increases to four seconds when driving out in the rain.

Parallel parking

Another one of our most common driving test mistake is parallel parking. Many people fail their driving test exam for improper parallel parking. If you run over the curb or touch another car then it is an automatic fail. Improper positioning, failure to signal, poor usage of mirrors and failing to abort the manoeuvre when another vehicle approaches can also cost points and lead to failures.