What to Consider When Buying Your First Car?

Whether you are buying a new or a used car, buying your first car can be a tough decision to make. After all, cars don’t come cheap so you want to be sure that you are getting the right one, one that will hold its value and meets all your requirements. With so many cars to choose from, its hard to be sure you are making the right choice. Here are some things to take into consideration which will help you to make your decision when buying your first car.

What is your Budget?

Before you start shopping around, firstly you need to know how much you can afford to spend. Your budget may limit the choices you have available to you. Even if you are buying a new car, the price is usually negotiable. Bare this in mind and be sure to shop around for the best price before making your decision. it’s a good idea to get an insurance quote before you buy to make sure you can afford the insurance. Also, calculate how much it will cost to run. If you’re working with a tight budget you may want to consider a smaller car, one that gets more miles to the gallon and costs less to insure.

What will you use your car for?

What do you need you’re car for? Will you be mostly driving to and from work? Doing the school run? Do you have Pets? If you do have children you are probably going to need a 5 door or a mini van with sliding doors if you have a large family. What type of roads will you be driving on? If you are driving on harsh bumpy roads or up and down steep hills you may want to consider buying a 4×4. What type of work do you do? If you carry lots of tools and equipment you might want to think about buying a van. Once you know exactly what you want from your car you should start making a shortlist of all the cars you like and can afford.

Where is the Best Place for Buying Your first Car?

It’s always best to buy from a licensed dealer. Buying from a private seller can be risky as there are no guarantees if something goes wrong. If you are buying from a private seller or from an auction, it’s a good idea to take someone who knows about cars with you. Maybe you have a friend who can help you or if not, take a mechanic with you to do a quick inspection of the engine. Always make sure the vehicle has a valid M.O.T and if you do purchase from a licensed dealer be sure to get any warranty or guarantees in writing, a guarantee is worth nothing if you don’t have it in black and white.

Check The Personal Property Security Register if You are Buying Second Hand Car!

Always check the personal property security register to make sure everything is above board. This will let you know if there is any money owing on the vehicle or if it is stolen. If there is money owing on the vehicle don’t buy it, there’s a risk that one day it could be repossessed. Also, always make enquires to find out if the vehicle has been in any serious accidents, how many previous owners it has had and finally, insure the vehicle before you drive away.