Cheap Driving Lessons May Not Always Work Out Cheaper!

By now all of you should be familiar with the term you get what you pay for.

There are lots of driving instructors and driving schools out their offering beginner drivers extremely cheap driving lessons to encourage the learner driver to choose their services when searching for affordable driving lessons. As a driving instructor many of my pupils have asked me over the years of the pro’s and con’s behind these cheap companies devaluing the services which they provide to the local community and how they can afford to provide such a cheap services.

According to the DVSA only 30% of all learner driver pass their test the first time round. That leaves 70% of beginners who will pay for additional lessons and extra test fees. On average this can usually cost you extras of over £140.00 to your overall training budget.

So do cheap driving lessons really work out cheaper in the long run?

As times move on there are many changes being made, making it more difficult to become a qualified approved driving instructor in the uk. Lots of existing driving instructors fail to keep with the times and improve their services leaving them with only 1 option to compete in the industry, by offering cheap driving lessons!

Are you searching for cheap driving lessons or are you looking for a quality driving school that provides you with driving lessons at a real value for money!

RSM Driving School offer Driving lessons in Birmingham and surrounding areas and have done so for the 10 years. We focus on teaching safe driving through skilled education and training with the aim to offer our pupils driving tuition and driving instructor training at the highest quality. Our goals are not to provide the cheapest service available but for our pupils to pass their test the very first time.

Choosing the right driving instructor is never easy and that is why here at RSM – Driving School Birmingham we have a number of attractive offers to help you choose the perfect instructor.