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There are many benefits to becoming a driving instructor, one of them is being your own boss. Working from home as a driving instructor allows you to work in your time whether that be full or part time hours. Approved ADI instructors have the ability to choose the hours they want and the demand for driving lessons is always increasing. Offer a good service and you will never be stuck for work again.

As a driving instructor you can easily make between £500 to £1000 a week and that’s just working alone. As your school grows your earning potential will also, becoming uncapped as you earn money from each of your instructors.

How to become a driving instructor - In Three Easy Steps

Before you can become a driving instructor first you will have to check to see if you are eligible. To take part in the training course there are legal requirements you must meet before you are accepted for the training. The driving instructor training program consists of three easy to follow steps and will take around 3 months to complete. Here's what is involved:

ADI Training Part One

Part one of the driving instructor training programs includes a multiple choice theory test very similar to a theory test for complete beginner drivers

ADI Training Part Two

Part two of the ADI training program will include a practical driving test which is again very similar to the test provided to learner students.

ADI Training Part Three

Part 3 of the instructor training test will be focussed on your ability to teach safe driving with your examiner playing the student role.

Your Responsibilities as a Professional Driving Instructor:


Detailed Knowledge of all Aspects of Road Safety

Exceptional road safety knowledge is the key to delivering professional instructor training. To become a quality driving instructor your knowledge and skills of road safety should be way above the average.


High Standard of Training Ability

As a professional driving instructor your ability to teach safe driving should be impeccable and will reflect on your pass rate. If you are always improving your skills and knowledge in the industry you will come out top leaving your competitors behind.


Professional Towards your Customers & Colleagues

Keeping a good, positive attitude towards your customers and colleagues is important if you wish to grow your business with ease. Recommendations and top reviews are likely to generate you business while building a strong reputation in your local area and online.


Responsible Attitude to your Pupils and Profession

To generate new customers and increase the lifetime of existing clients you will need to keep a responsible attitude towards your pupils and profession.


We are Registered DVSA Driving Instructor Training Establishment and our Qualifications Include:

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Becoming a driving instructor enables you to develop great earning potential. It’s a job that offers you freedom and great job satisfaction when your driving skills help pupils to pass their test. To find out more about our services please contact us on ……..

Driving Instructor Training FAQ’s

To become a driving instructor you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license for over 3 years.

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace with some students passing quicker than others. In one case it could take a student 6 month and with another pupil it may take 12 months.

As soon as you pass your instructor training course you will be able to start your own business as a driving instructor. Working from home you can offer driving lessons working the hours you choose.

There are only 2 resits available for the ADI test. If you fail a third time you will no longer be able to re-sit your driving test to become an approved ADI Instructor.

As a newly trained driving instructor you can easily make between £250 - £500 a week. As you start to grow your school of instructors this can easily rise quite quickly.