Driving Lessons Bromsgrove

Simple. We are the best Driving School in the Bromsgrove area! All of our driving instructors are DVSA certified and trained to target your specific needs in order to design a unique plan that will work best for you. We understand that everyone has different ways of learning and some people respond better to one method than others.

You will be working with the same instructor throughout all of your driving lessons, from the very first lesson right up to the day you take your test. RSM Driving School are well experienced at teaching people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are a seasoned driver and want to better your driving skills or a new driver looking to get your very first driving license, we have the perfect Instructor for you.


Intensive Driving Courses

Here at RSM Driving School Bromsgrove we have intensive driving courses on offer for those who want it. If you have passed your theory test and feel you are ready for an intensive driving course then call us to book your lessons 07932 610 409. However we do recommend that you have an assessment lesson first and our instructors will be able to tell if you are ready.

Training intensively you will be better prepared for your driving test, having practiced your skills more recently they will be fresh on your mind on the day of your test. Intensive driving courses enable you to get your driving license in just 7 days.

Here at RSM Driving School Bromsgrove we are proud of our high first time pass rate which is above the national average. So if you are looking for an intensive driving course in the bromsgrove area, choose us!

Pass Plus Coures

Pass Plus is a 6 hour course designed to improve your driving skills and teach you to drive more safely. You can take the Pass Plus course at any time but it is best to take it within the first 12 months after passing your test, as statistics show, you are more likely to have an accident within the first 2 years after passing your driving test.

You will need a Pass Plus approved driving instructor and RSM Driving School have the best instructors in the Bromsgrove area.

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