Driving Lessons Edgbaston

If you are looking for driving lessons Edgebaston? You’re in the right place. Whether you are a new, or an experienced driver, we have the perfect instructor for you. Our team of male and female driving instructors are used to working with people of all ages. They are trained to understand the specific individual needs of every pupil so they can design a unique plan that will give you the best chance of passing your test first time.

All of our instructors are DVLA approved and you will find them to be friendly, caring, patient and supportive at all times. We do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy your learning experience of learning to drive with RSM Driving School.

You will have the same instructor throughout your journey to becoming a fully licensed, safe and confident driver. RSM Driving School provides the best driving tuition in the Edgbaston area and we have a range of courses available.


Intensive driving courses

Edgbaston Intensive driving courses provide you with the opportunity to pass your test and gain a full driving license in just 1 week. The course will consist of 30 hours of driving tuition and will be carried out using the same driving instructor from start to finish.

We advise you to have an assessment lesson first so our instructors can get a good idea of where you are with your driving skills and abilities, and see if there are any weaknesses that you may need to focus on first. Our main concern is that you pass your test first time round and RSM driving instructors will give you the best chance to do so.

We specialize in intensive driving course tuition and our first time pass rate % shows that we are the best in the Edgbaston area.

Pass Plus Driving Courses

The Pass Plus course is designed to help young drivers who have recently passed their test to gain new driving skills and learn new techniques which will help you to gain both confidence and experience. You will learn how to deal with different driving situations that they didn’t teach you on your standard driving lessons.

We recommend that you take your Pass Plus course within the first 12 months of having passed your driving test. Pass Plus is open to all drivers, so if you have held a license for some time and you are just looking to improve your driving skills we are here to help. Our staff are registered Pass Plus instructors and can help you pass after the initial test.

Contact RSM Driving School on 07932 610 409

If you are ready to start driving and you are ready to go as soon as possible then get in touch with us today or book your lessons online. At RSM Driving School we provide driving lessons and courses 7 days week. For more information please contact us by mail or phone. We look forward to seeing you.

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Covid -19 update
Driving lessons will resume from 4th July for all pupil following the government guideline. The following Covid 19 measures are in place for the safety of the pupil and the driving instructors, these includes:
Driving instructors:
All instructors will declare whether they are Covid 19 symptoms free at the beginning of each lesson. We will ensure all instructors have face masks available during the day should they need to wear one. But it is up to the individual instructors and the pupil to decide what they would prefer during the lesson. Our instructors will be using the hand sanitiser every 20 mins during the lesson period. We will have the car windows half way down during lesson to keep it ventilated.

Covid 19 declaration for all pupil:
It is vital that you only book lessons if you are Covid 19 symptoms free. For more information on symptoms visit the NHS website for more details and guidance. Be aware we will ask you at the beginning of the lesson if you are symptom free. The driving instructor can refuse to give you a lesson if you are unwell and will be explained to you why on the day.

The driving school recommends face mask but it is not essential. Please bare in mind face mask do not protect you from Covid 19.
It is essential that all pupil sanitise or wash their hands before every lesson and after. Please avoid touching your face and eyes during the lesson period. During the lessons hand sanitiser will be available to use. Please ask the instructor when you would like to use it.
We advice all pupil to wear a suitable clothing which covers their arms and legs due to Covid 19.

Preparation of car:
We will do everything possible to keep the pupil and ourselves safe whilst on lesson. We will ensure the car surfaces are disinfected such as door handle, seat, seat belt, hand brake, gears, arm rest etc and any other surfaces. To confirm that is it safe for you next for your lesson. Your safety is our priority!
The used wipes, gloves or masks will be recycled after each lesson to avoid Covid 19 transmission.

Communication during lesson:
At the beginning of the lesson you will be greeted by the instructor outside the car. They’ll be at 2m distance and will explain to you what will happen during the lesson. Any queries you have please discuss with the instructor. Whilst in the car the driving instructor will avoid facing you due to Covid 19 but instead will look forward to communicate with you. If it becomes necessary to give you any detailed explanation during the lesson Instructor may ask you to step out of the car once parked at a safe place to explain the faults or to communicate something vital with you about your driving keeping the social distancing measure in place.

We thank all the pupil and the instructors for their support and understanding and we wish all the pupil and instructors best of luck with lessons.
For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe!

RSM Driving School