RSM Driving School is now available in Sheffield

Welcome to RSM Driving School, the pinnacle of excellent driving lessons in Sheffield. Just as we've transformed the driving dreams of many in Birmingham, we're now here to do the same for the budding drivers of Sheffield. Whether you're a complete beginner or someone brushing up their skills, we've got you covered.


How many lessons will you need?

We never rush our lessons and we won’t put you up for your test if we don’t believe you are capable of passing first time. How many lessons you will need will depend on your ability and how quickly you learn. We aim to get you to your test day fast, as soon as you are ready we will advise you to go for your test, having taken as fewer driving lessons as possible.

Your first lesson will be an assessment lesson to find out where you are with your driving skills, our driving instructors can see if you have any previous experience or natural ability and identify any weaknesses they may wish to focus on first.

Fast-track your driving skills with our intensive courses

Have you passed your theory test and feel the itch to get behind the wheel? Our intensive driving courses in Sheffield might just be what you're looking for. With these courses, you can get Your License in Just 7 Days. So why wait when you can hit the road in a week? Our intensive courses are structured to make you test-ready in record time. Training intensively means everything you learn remains fresh in your mind. Come test day, you'll be brimming with confidence.

Become a pass plus qualified driver

Pass plus courses are aimed at drivers who have recently gained a driver’s license within the last 12 months. Pass plus can help you to gain confidence, experience and better your driving skills, this reducing the chance of you having an accident. The Pass Plus course is a 6 hour course where you will learn:


Are you looking for automatic driving lessons in Sheffield?

With automatic driving lessons alt you may find it a lot easier to learn and they can be a good option for nervous first time drivers. They may help you to build more confidence behind the wheel and we find that on average, people who opt for automatic driving lessons tend to need less lessons than those who go for manual, this is because there is no clutch and no gears to worry about so you won’t ever stall the car and you can focus more on your driving and observational skills.

Request a call back

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