So the time has come for your very first driving lesson and you don’t know what to expect. Well that’s why we’re here to talk about exactly what you will be doing on your first lesson and give you some tips and advice to help you to be prepared and hopefully ensure that your first lesson goes smoothly.

The pickup

You will meet your driving instructor at the location you previously arranged with them. You should be feeling fresh and clear headed, do not turn up for your first lesson overly tired from work or a late night. If you feel unwell or have a cold or flu you should cancel your lesson. All you need to have with you is your provisional driving license and if you need glasses or contact lenses you need to have these with you by law, so don’t forget them.


Your first lesson will usually be in a quiet residential area. Your driving instructor will probably drive you to a suitable location before letting you sit in the drivers seat. Once you’re ready and sat in the drivers seat its time for what is known in the business as the cockpit drill.

The cockpit drill

The cockpit drill basically involves your driving instructor explaining how to operate the vehicle. They will show you what the various pedals and levers do, how to operate the clutch and gears, how to use the indicators, as well as how to adjust the mirrors use them effectively. You will also discuss any hazards you need to be aware of such as blind spots and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Time to drive

The first lesson will mostly be spent getting used to starting and stopping. You will be learning about the bite point, clutch control, how to steer, and how to change gears. You will also learn how to use the mirrors and indicators and how to curb side park.

End of the lesson

At the end of the lesson you will be driven back to your chosen location and your driving instructor will most likely give you some feedback on how they think the first lesson went and what to expect on your next lesson. They will tell you anything that they think were your strong points and if there was anything you may need to work on in the next lesson. But don’t worry if things don’t go perfectly, it’s only your first lesson and you will soon start to improve.

General advice

My advice is stay calm, there’s no reason to be nervous. You won’t be driving on any busy roads or dual carriage ways on your first lesson, just learning the basics that’s all. And in the case of anything going wrong your driving instructor has dual controls and is able to take control of the vehicle at anytime.