Foyzur Rahman the Officially Registered Driving Instructor Trainer and owner of RSM Driving School has recently took the new ADI standard check and achieved the top marks and the highest grade A.

We don’t expect anything less from him as an ADI trainer and with years of experience.
This is what he had to say.
” A lot of driving instructors I have trained for the new standards check some have achieved the grade A and some grade B.It’s all about Client Centred Learning (CCL).
Do not assume what your pupil want to achieve from their lesson get them involved and ask them to find out what is their learning goals and needs.
Work together keep the pupil involved at all times, encourage the pupil to analyse the consequences of their fault. As a driving Instructor you need to be aware of the surroundings at all times and the pupils action.
Take verbal and physical control where and when necessary when appropriate. Always give direction and instruction in good time. Delayed direction and instruction can put your pupil in difficulty which can lead to them making mistakes which is not their fault and could have been easily avoided with early prompt from the instructor.
Finally I myself like to wish all RSM Instructors to achieve the highest mark and the highest grade in their next standard check. Good Luck to all.”