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If you have already gained your driving licence and would like to become more skilled and confident while on the open road then it’s worth taking your Pass Plus. With our Pass Plus courses in Birmingham you can also benefit from cheaper car insurance especially as new qualified driver.

Extend your driving skills beyond the average driver by completing a pass plus course designed by the DVLA. Because new drivers are at more risk to crashing their car. Pass Plus Training will provide you with the extra tuition you need to reduce the risks of an accident in a situation that you may not have covered during your lessons.

Here's what's nicluded in the course.

The course teaches learners to drive in conditions you may not have learned while completing your original driving test. If you are not so confident driving on motorways, in rain and other bad weather conditions then the course definitely worth considering. Taking up the advanced driving course will teach you the following:


Driving in Cities / Towns

Driving in busy City Centre’s and towns can be overwhelming, especially as a new driver. Completing a Plus Course will teach you how to drive confidently in these areas.


Driving on Motorways / Dual Carriageways

Many new drivers find driving on motorways or dual carriageways challenging. During the course you will experience what it is like to drive on such roads.


Driving at Night

If you took up your driving lessons throughout the day then driving at night can be nerve wrecking for beginner drivers.


Driving in all Weather Conditions

Driving in bad weather conditions such as rain, heavy winds, snow, sleet, hail maybe new to you as a beginner driver. Here you will learn what it takes to drive safely within these conditions.

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