It can take many hours of driving on the roads to build up the skills and experience that all good, safe drivers possess. It’s well known that learners can be prone to road traffic accidents, so we’ve put together some basic safety tips for beginner drivers to help you to start forming good, safe driving habits right from the get go.

Good driving habits

Firstly you should inspect your vehicle before anything, check to make sure the tyres are fully pumped and the brake lights plus indicators are in full working order. The next and the most important driving habit you should form is to put on your seat belt, not only is it the law but if you are involved in a road traffic accident then a seat-belt could save your life. Check your mirrors and adjust them if they are not in the correct position. Try to get into the routine of performing these quick and simple tasks each and every time you drive.

Never drive in a hurry

A lot of accidents are caused because people are in a rush. Being late to your destination is the number one reason people give when they are caught speeding. You should try not to drive in a hurry and leave sufficient time spare in case of traffic jams or emergencies. If you are running late for work or an appointment it can affect your concentration and cause you to feel stressed, impatient and under pressure. These are feelings you want to avoid when driving but if you are feeling the pressure of running late just try to relax and concentrate on getting to your destination as safely as possible rather than as fast as possible.

Driving on new roads

If driving on busy roads such as dual carriageways and motorways causes you to feel stressed then you should perhaps consider taking a quieter route, at least until you build up some confidence and gain more experience. Also try to avoid busy roads at peak hours until you are ready.

Don’t smoke, don’t use you mobile phone and don’t change your music while driving. Also, if you do like to listen to music while you drive then try to listen to something calming and relaxing rather than anything that gets you over excited and more likely to break speed limits or lose concentration. The last piece of advice we can give you is to relax, take your time, and concentrate. If anxiety levels become too high then find a safe place to pull over and take a break. Stay safe.