My name is Naghma and I have been part of the team at RSM for 5 years. I am a qualified ADI instructor and am very dedicated to my role. I myself was taught to drive by the manager of RSM 17 years ago. Back then RSM was recommended to me and the service provided was of a very high standard.

I now myself like to think that I have carried on that standard with my own learners. My passion for teaching learners to drive and passing on my skills reflects in my teaching and pass rate. I have a very high pass rate and 9 times out of 10 my learners come back with a first time pass. I have had a string of passes without any fails.

Previously to becoming a driving instructor I worked as a 1 to 1 specialist tutor with young children who have autism. So patience is one of my key qualities. I am very committed to my role and will always push my learners to get the best results for them.